WES Overview

Coal-burning is the single largest cause of increasing CO2 in the atmosphere, and therefore man-made climate change, today. Despite the rapid growth of renewable energy in US and Europe, worldwide coal-burning is still increasing, especially in fast-growing nations in Asia, and will continue to be the world’s largest source of power generation through 2040 according to the latest NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) projections.

Wormser Energy Solutions (WES) is a technology development company which has developed a low-cost, all-steam system for gasifying coal, producing clean hydrogen, and capturing carbon dioxide. The system has the potential to be a climate game-changer by boosting the efficiency and dramatically cutting the cost of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) from coal. Lack of affordable CCS is one of the biggest barriers to limiting the world’s CO2 emissions and fighting global climate change.

The WES system is a fully integrated technology that consists of several subsystems. These subsystems could provide value to other energy projects and are available to license. Please contact us for details.