The Benefits of Coal Gasification with CCS

Coal Gasification with CCS has been touted as a highly effective technology capable of producing useable energy while significantly reducing carbon emissions. However, due to high costs, the needed systems have not been widely deployed.

WES’s highly innovative, low-cost, clean-coal gasification technology represents a major breakthrough for Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC), polygeneration and coal-to-products (CTP) applications worldwide while massively reducing CO2 emissions and fighting global climate change. These outcomes can be achieved while surpassing EPA’s most stringent environmental regulations.

Cost Effective Solutions

The advanced clean-coal gasification technology designed by WES, has the potential to revolutionize the energy sector by producing low-carbon electricity and transportation fuels below traditional gasification costs, all with CO2 capture.

Gasification is a process that is used to produce electricity as well as transportation fuels, hydrogen, substitute natural gas and petrochemicals from various feedstocks, which include coal, petcoke, biomass, municipal solid waste, etc.

A power generation plant built using WES’s technology will provide enough cost savings to include Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) facilities for the same price as building a traditional power plant without CCS.